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  • Why choose Dewfall?
    Each candle is handcrafted with as much love as we have for any other doggo on the street If you ain't a dog person then well we love cats too! Not even cats? Err.. I guess we are okay with some humans ... Plus we have some heavenly exotic scents which aren't easily found in India and the quality of our candles is top notch. PS - You will keep coming back <3
  • I wanna know more about the candle
    Each candle is hand poured with a lot of love & are vegan! Our premium black jar candle & Mason Jar candle is of 200 ml & 150 ml respectively, made with Soy blend wax which has a cleaner burn than any other 100 % paraffin wax candle and a slower burn time which means the candle lasts longer. We use 100% cotton wicks. For more details please read the product description.
  • I'm confused over which fragrance to buy! Which is your best?
    Asking a mom which kid is the best? That aint happening. All the candles are made with love and have excellent scent throw and the fragrance range has been curated after a lot of trials, so we love all of them! But want to make sure which one is the right one for you? Drop us a DM on instagram and we will guide you out
  • Shipping & Payment options?
    We ship Pan India! We accept payments via credit card/debit card/ UPI (Google Pay/Phone Pe etc) Cash on Delivery is available all over Pan India
  • Do you have a return/exchange policy?
    We do not return/exchange product unless it has been damaged during shipping. Want to have a word? Drop us a DM on Instagram or drop a message via the chat box on our website.
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